Syncretic Library Loft

FREEDOM AND EVOLUTION THROUGH SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE                                        The Universe is kind and loving

Reverend Tanisha Richardson

Welcome and thank you for embarking on a spiritual journey that is of love and ever evolving. I have been living this infinite creation since I was a child, and believed in the life forces beyond this world that I could not see but only feel then.

This love has lead me to understand the need of humanity and the living soul of all here on earth, expressing first the purpose to serve God and second to serve people.

The passion I have for learning about society and and cultural differences has lead me to receive a Bachelors in Sociology and Religion. The devotion I have for humanity ignited the need to obtain a Masters in Humanities and Religion. The passion for understanding worlds beyond and how they affect our world has also lead me through this magical jouney.The presence of love, light energies, and the angels around us can help catapult us to greatness along with our will to believe in ourselves.

I refer to the counsel of the tarot to help guide your mission through this life, along with intuitive, empathic abilities. Being a ordained Metaphysical Minister and counselor has been a life's calling, and raising the vibration of humanity along with helping heal all souls with universal love and understanding is the reasoning for my being incarnated again.

I am over the moon that our paths have crossed and feel that this is a perfect divine intervention from the source we call God.

Be so very blessed my friends...